Fresh Start for 2008! Wednesday, Jan 2 2008 

Boy Howdy! I did some spring/summer/seasonal cleaning of the site (meaning I deleted all the old comments, seeing as there were hundreds).

So if anybody has any questions or download requests, request them here. That’s HERE! In this thread.

That is all – have a tops new year all!


Natsuki Takaya’s other great works (That nobody seems to mention…) Sunday, Jul 1 2007 

‘Natsuki Takaya, hmmm… that name sounds familiar…’

Well so it should, seeing as she’s the fantastic mangaka that created ‘Fruits Basket’ which ended either late last year, or early this year depending on your sources.

But what of her other works? According to Manga Updates she’s done 6 manga’s in total, and only 4 of them have been scanlated into english. Also, in my shopping adventures, the only one I’ve been able to find for sale in english is ‘Fruits Basket’.

Boku ga Utau to Kimi wa Waraukara was published as a series of 5 one-shot stories in 1999. Shoujo Magic was good enough to scanlate it for the general populace, and for this we should pour kudos all over them.

Phantom Dream was a 5 volume manga (unknown publication date) of which only the first 2 chapters of volume 1 are available (Yay, Entropy!)

Tsubasa Wo Motsu Mono was published in 1996, before Fruits Basket, and was complete at 6 volumes. Currently, the first volume and most of the second volume have been made availableย to us by K2less and Red Butterfly, who rock!

So far, nobody has picked up Hoshi wa Utau or Komogomo which were the last two manga’s on her publication list (ย ) even though I’ve seen the raws for Komogomo and it looks pretty damn cool.

‘Why am I posting this?’ You may well ask – here’s why: Fruits Basket is over. But that doesn’t mean we should turn our back’s on Natsuki Takaya, seeing as she’s written loads of other great stuff which just hasn’t made it into english yet. I’m just hoping that someone from some great scanlating team finds this post, sees the manga listed here, and decides to start a scanlation project for Komogomo and Hoshi wa Utau!

Not just for me, of course – but for the entire english reading manga community! ๐Ÿ™‚

(This has been a public service announcement on behalf of Natsuki Takaya fans who are desperate for fresh manga since Fruits Basket finished – end transmission!)

Random Uploads Update 004! Saturday, May 12 2007

Have updated again!

  • Bleach – Chapter 274
  • D. Gray-Man – Chapter 116
  • Loveless – Volume 7 Ch 3
  • Fushigi Yuugi – Volumes 13-18
  • InuYasha – Volume 51 Ch 504
  • Claymore – Volumes 1-12 (in single chapter chunks)


Random Uploads Update 003! Sunday, Apr 29 2007

Yup! I’ve put more stuff on there!

  • Bleach – Chapter 273
  • InuYasha – Chapter 503
  • Ouran High School Host Club – Chapter 037

And the Bloody Kiss One-shots:

  • Bloody Kiss I
  • Bloody Kiss II
  • Bloody Kiss III

Plus some other cool stuff:

  • Karin – Volumes 1-5, Volume 6 Ch 23-25
  • Lovely Complex – Volumes 1-5, Volume 6 Ch 21

Just keep checking back, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Random Uploads Update 002! Monday, Apr 23 2007

I updated it again today, hoorah! So now, on the badongo page there’s:


  • Darker Than BLACK – Ep 01


  • Bleach – Chapters 240-272 (latest)
  • D. Gray-Man – Volume 12 Chapters 107-115 (latest)
  • DN Angel – Volumes 8-11 (latest)
  • Fruits Basket – Chapter 136 (The FINAL Chapter!)
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya manga) – Chapters 001-008 (latest)
  • InuYasha – Volume 51 Chapters 499-502 (latest)


  • D. Gray-Man Original Soundtrack 01

That’s it! Enjoy All ๐Ÿ™‚

Random Uploads Update 001! Thursday, Mar 29 2007

Right now, I’ve got:

  • Batman: Child of Dreams Volume 01 Parts 1-2 (Complete)
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Chapters 1-4 (Ongoing)
  • Code Geass: Suzaku of the Counterattack Chapter 1 (Ongoing)
  • Code Geass: Knightmare of Nunnally Chapter 1 (Ongoing)
  • D. Gray-Man Volumes 1-11 (Complete)
  • D. Gray-Man Volume 12 Chapters 107-112 (Ongoing)
  • Darren Shan Volume 01 Chapter 1 (Ongoing)
  • InuYasha Volumes 47-49 (Complete)
  • InuYasha Volume 50 Chapters 489-498 (Ongoing)
  • Kyou Kara Maou Volume 01 Chapters 1-6 (Ongoing)
  • La Corda d’Oro Volume 01 (Complete)
  • La Corda d’Oro Volume 02 Chapters 5-6 (Ongoing)
  • Loveless Volume 07 Chapters 1-2 (Ongoing)
  • Negima! Neo Volume 01 Chapters 000-002 (Ongoing)

Enjoy, and please drop me a line if the links expire!

Catherine G ๐Ÿ™‚

Catherine G’s random uploads :) Sunday, Mar 4 2007 

Something I decided to set up, on a whim. I’ve uploaded some cool-ish manga that I’ve ‘acquired’. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna take requests or not, because it’s been taking upwards of 40 minutes a file to upload! Still, here’s what’s on there so far:

  • Code Geass –ย Volume 1: Lelouch of the Rebellion Ch1-4
  • Code Geass – Volume 2: Suzaku of the Counterattack Ch1
  • Code Geass – Volume 3: Knightmare of Nunnally Ch1
  • D. Gray-Man – Volume 11 Ch97-106
  • D. Gray-Man – Volume 12 Ch107-109
  • Darren Shan – Volume 1 Ch1
  • InuYasha – Volumes 47-49 + Vol 50 Ch 489-495
  • Kyou Kara Maou – Volume 1 Ch1-6
  • La Corda d’Oro – Volume 1 + Volume 2 Ch5-6

If the mood so takes me, I might add some more to that soon – anyways, enjoy!


Addicted to Arina! (Tanemura, that is!) Monday, Feb 12 2007 

Arina Tanemura is an awesome lady, and an excellent mangaka – that’s all there is to it! The reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I’ve been on an Arina manga-hunt for, ooh, ages now, and I think I’ve got most of them now! I started at the end and worked backwards though, which was kinda dumb, but here’s what I managed to get (through various sources…):

  • Shinshi Doumei Cross – Volumes 1-5, Volume 6 Ch 29 (Ongoing)
  • Full Moon wo Sagashite – Volumes 1-7 (Complete)
  • I.O.N. – Volume 1 (Complete)
  • Firecracker is Melancholy – Volume 1 (Complete)
  • Time Stranger Kyoko – Volumes 1-3 (Complete)
  • Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne – Volumes 1-7 (Complete)

Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen’s Alliance) is her latest work, and is still being scanlated by the talented folks at Enchantment (Yay!). And the first paperback of ‘Shinshi’ is due out in march this year (according to Wow – it somes out in march – and my birthday is in march… Coincidence? I think not!

Anyways, check out Arina Tanemura’s stuff – it’s all good!


Scanlation Groups are awesome! Saturday, Dec 30 2006 

Today I’ll be sending all my love out to the Vampire Knights scanlation group for releasing two of the niftiest christmas download packages ever!

These guys slaved away to bring usย the entire volume 8 of ‘Ouran’, new chapters of ‘Trinity Blood’, ‘Saiunkoku Monogatari’, ‘Little Witch’s Diary’ and some new projects such as ‘Rustblaster’ and ‘Kaze Hikaru’ which are both awesome!

Thanks everyone at VK! You guys are the best! ๐Ÿ™‚

Madman, what’s going on?! Tuesday, Dec 19 2006 

I was looking through my manga shelf a couple of days ago, thinking ‘Gee, I haven’t bought a copy of Fruits Basket in ages…’ So I got online and headed over to the Madman website ( to see when the next release date was.

Fruits Basket Volume 21 doesn’t come out until March 10th next year…

I think my screams of horror could be heard a couple of suburbs away – the last Volume, #20, went on sale on the 11th of October – that’s two months ago, for those of you actually following along ๐Ÿ™‚

So why the five month gap? Generally there’s been a month between volumes, and in the beginning they were actually releasing 2 volumes a month, one at the beginning and one near the end.

Then I decided to check out some of the other release dates on stuff I’m interested in.

Vampire Knight (Chuang Yi edition):

Volume 01 and 02 – 10th February 2007

Ouran High Host Club (Chuang Yi edition):

Volume 01 and 02 – 6th December 2006 (me = happy!)

Volume 03 and 04 – 10th February 2007 (me = dealing in my own way…)

Volume 05… – 10th March 2007 (me = seeing a pattern)

Ah ha! So it doesn’t actually look like it’s Madman’s fault after all – it’s the bloody publisher’s fault!

And next year it looks like things are going to be released on (or close to) the 10th of every month – which, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll be dealing with in my own way (download sites are bookmarked and ready to go – I use them as previews before I actually buy the real thing!)

But still, 5 months wait for Vol 21 of Fruits Basket! Why?! Why?!

*goes off depressed and has a little sleep* Ooh, mars bars!

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