Fresh Start for 2008! Wednesday, Jan 2 2008 

Boy Howdy! I did some spring/summer/seasonal cleaning of the site (meaning I deleted all the old comments, seeing as there were hundreds).

So if anybody has any questions or download requests, request them here. That’s HERE! In this thread.

That is all – have a tops new year all!


Madman to the Rescue! Wai! Saturday, Sep 8 2007 

No, I’m not talking about mental patients (But wouldn’t it be interesting if I was…?), I am referring to the anime/manga company situated here:

Sure, they sell a hell of a lot more than manga and anime, but hey! Back to the story at hand!

Cartoon Network had been flailing around quite badly, with their stagnating selection of cartoons circulating through their late night spot, commonly known as ‘adult swim anime action’. I’ve got to tell you, I was getting pretty sick of watching the first 54 episodes of InuYasha over and over again, followed by Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex repeats.

All of a sudden, about 7 weeks ago, I turned over to channel 713 expecting the usual stale InuYasha episode, and discovered dubbed episodes of Bleach. Shocked, amazed and extremely happy, I continued to watch and found that after Bleach they were airing Trinity Blood which was one of my favourite subbed anime from the previous year, now also in english.

Also, alternating with Bleach (which aired mondays and tuesdays), they were airing Eureka Seven (airing wednesdays and thursdays), which features giant robots, and became an immediate favourite.

Gazing in awe at the television screen, a little scroll unfurled itself, advertising that these new anime were being provided by the grand old folks at Madman! Huzzah!

Trinity Blood actually finished airing 2 weeks ago, and I wasn’t shocked to discover it being repeated immediately from episode 1 again, in a later timeslot.

However, the Madman folks came through again, replacing it with yet another new anime, one I hadn’t actually seen (which is actually kind of hard to find now-a-days, hehehe) called Black Cat, which, for all intents and purposes, is freakin’ awesome!

Of course, Cartoon Network has not abandoned the die hard fans of InuYasha, seeing as they still air it, just at a later time.

Good form Madman!! My faith in you is un-budge-able!

The adult swim airing times, for anyone that’s interested:

Cartoon Network – Channel 713 (Australian Eastern Standard Times)

10:30pm – Bleach (Mon-Tue), Eureka 7 (Wed-Thu)

11:00 – Black Cat (Mon-Thu)

11:30 – Trinity Blood (Mon-Thu)

12:00 – InuYasha (Mon-Thu)

I’m not including Naruto in this list – I have my reasons, and they are all good 🙂

Adult swim website:

Madman website:

What’s new, eh? Eh?! Saturday, Sep 8 2007 

Errrm… Nothing much actually 🙂 hehehe

However, I have updated the random uploads page with a few new chapters of, oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING!! (Well, pretty much, anyway – there’s some new stuff there, check it out!) Here’s the link to the updated directory:

And to the uploads page itself:

I’ve also started to watch my back-log of anime from about the beginning of last season. I’ve finally caught up with Darker Than BLACK, Claymore and Lovely Complex. Now I’m completely behind with the new shows I’ve started watching. Here’s what’s currently got me interested:

Mononoke – The most bizarre art style I’ve ever seen, and stories that have the capability to freak someone like me out! It’s anime horror and classic story-telling at it’s best!

Devil May Cry – Any show with a main character with the name of Dante instantly becomes a favourite. Oh, and there’s demon’s and stuff… it’s good, trust me!

Zombie Loan – Hey, no worries about dying anymore! Just head over to Z-Loan and hire yourself a zombie body! Comes at quite a high price though, and the things you have to do to pay back your debt can get a little… icky.

Baccano! – Okay, only having seen one episode, I’m still not sure what it’s about, but it’s very exciting, what with the explosions and the regenerating limbs and the car/train crashes and what-not! Thumbs up!

And I’m still hanging onto some of the old reliables:

Bleach – Please come out of filler territory!! Please!!

D. Gray-Man – Haven’t watched it since Ep 25, but I’m still collecting it…

Blood+ – Wooh!

That’s enough from me – I’m heading back to bed for more hibernatin’!!

Holidays, wooh! Sunday, Jul 1 2007 

The title pretty much says it all – I’m happy to be on holidays, mostly so I can catch up on the 10 weeks worth of anime I’ve downloaded and have been too knackered to watch until now. Actually, I’m still just trying to accept the fact that ‘Death Note’ has finished… *sighs* I’m really looking forward to watching it, even though 5 million other bloggers have already SPOILED THE ENDING FOR EVERYBODY!!!!! (Yeah, yeah, I know – I probably shouldn’t have sought out the spoilers in the first place…) Have a nice monday everybody! 🙂

Catherine G’s random uploads :) Sunday, Mar 4 2007 

Something I decided to set up, on a whim. I’ve uploaded some cool-ish manga that I’ve ‘acquired’. I’m still not sure if I’m gonna take requests or not, because it’s been taking upwards of 40 minutes a file to upload! Still, here’s what’s on there so far:

  • Code Geass – Volume 1: Lelouch of the Rebellion Ch1-4
  • Code Geass – Volume 2: Suzaku of the Counterattack Ch1
  • Code Geass – Volume 3: Knightmare of Nunnally Ch1
  • D. Gray-Man – Volume 11 Ch97-106
  • D. Gray-Man – Volume 12 Ch107-109
  • Darren Shan – Volume 1 Ch1
  • InuYasha – Volumes 47-49 + Vol 50 Ch 489-495
  • Kyou Kara Maou – Volume 1 Ch1-6
  • La Corda d’Oro – Volume 1 + Volume 2 Ch5-6

If the mood so takes me, I might add some more to that soon – anyways, enjoy!


Anyone who posted comments… Sunday, Oct 22 2006 

This is just for anyone who’s posted questions or comments so far – I’ve answered all or most of these on the particular post the comment was posted on.

Hopefully I’ve been helpful 🙂

If not… Ah well, can’t be helped!

Slow week… Wednesday, Sep 27 2006 

Yeah, well… as above! However, holidays are coming up once more (Yay!). Trinity Blood, Saiunkoku Monogatari and Angelic Layer have been added to the Manga collection, Episodes 1,2 and 4-14 of Saiunkoku Monogatari have been added to the Anime collection, and some recently watched anime films (X, Vampire Hunter D, etc) will be reviewed in due time!

Meanwhile, amuse yourselves with these fanfics that “someone” never got around to finishing! (holidays, holidays)

Catherine G

Hi All! Monday, Aug 14 2006 

I say again, Hi all! This blog is generally just going to be my ramblings about every day stuff that happens, the anime and manga that I’m into at the moment (with reviews and synopses) and anything else cool that I find!

So anyway, my name is Catherine (duh – as the web-address gives it away!) I’m 27 and I live with my husband in Sydney Australia! I’m a rather avid (or rabid, depending on my mood) manga and anime fan, going for all different genre’s at the moment. I’m also a wannabe writer myself – so far I’ve only managed to delve into the realms of fanfics, but hey! The reviews have all been good so far!

I’ll do a more in depth intro later on – Just thought I’d get started with something quick and easy!

See ya round everybody!

Catherine G 🙂