Errrm… Nothing much actually 🙂 hehehe

However, I have updated the random uploads page with a few new chapters of, oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING!! (Well, pretty much, anyway – there’s some new stuff there, check it out!) Here’s the link to the updated directory:

And to the uploads page itself:

I’ve also started to watch my back-log of anime from about the beginning of last season. I’ve finally caught up with Darker Than BLACK, Claymore and Lovely Complex. Now I’m completely behind with the new shows I’ve started watching. Here’s what’s currently got me interested:

Mononoke – The most bizarre art style I’ve ever seen, and stories that have the capability to freak someone like me out! It’s anime horror and classic story-telling at it’s best!

Devil May Cry – Any show with a main character with the name of Dante instantly becomes a favourite. Oh, and there’s demon’s and stuff… it’s good, trust me!

Zombie Loan – Hey, no worries about dying anymore! Just head over to Z-Loan and hire yourself a zombie body! Comes at quite a high price though, and the things you have to do to pay back your debt can get a little… icky.

Baccano! – Okay, only having seen one episode, I’m still not sure what it’s about, but it’s very exciting, what with the explosions and the regenerating limbs and the car/train crashes and what-not! Thumbs up!

And I’m still hanging onto some of the old reliables:

Bleach – Please come out of filler territory!! Please!!

D. Gray-Man – Haven’t watched it since Ep 25, but I’m still collecting it…

Blood+ – Wooh!

That’s enough from me – I’m heading back to bed for more hibernatin’!!