Trend-Ender 03: Gun X Sword Sunday, Sep 30 2007 

If Quentin Tarantino had gotten it into his mind to create an anime series, Gun X Sword would have been it. Seriously, it’s that good!

Actually, I think the creative team behind Gun X Sword must have gotten together, got drunk, watched every Tarantino film ever made (it wouldn’t take that long, you know…) then sat down and penned the plotlines.

It has everything you’d need in a series:

  • A man in black, who’s fiancee was gunned down clawed to death on their wedding day
  • A young girl out for revenge, looking for the man who kidnapped her older brother
  • Giant robots (You knew that was coming! If there’s no robots, there’s no point!)
  • Gun fights
  • Sword fights
  • Wicked good hand-to-hand combat scenes
  • Funny scenes that are actually funny (Good writers there! Yay!)
  • Believable villains (flawed individuals that could have been ‘good’ in another situation)
  • A big, bad boss-man reminiscent of ‘Bill’ from the ‘Kill Bill’ movies (He looks like him!! He acts like him!! If he didn’t have a claw hand it would be him!!)

One episode (it was in the first twelve but I can’t remember which – my bad) was taken straight from ‘Pulp Fiction’. I laughed so hard I nearly died. The two main leads, Van and Wendy, were sitting in this cafe, when two tables over a couple starts doing the ‘I love you…’ scene from the beginning of ‘Pulp Fiction’, almost word-for-word. I had to rewind it and watch it again three times to make sure it had actually happened (it had – and was totally worth it!).

I’ve only watched the first 12 eps so far, but I’m expecting the english dubs to arrive soon (The subtitles were so small! My eyes!). I might add more to this later!


I give it 10 ‘Western shoot-em-ups’ out of 10! (Van is the coolest!)


Madman to the Rescue! Wai! Saturday, Sep 8 2007 

No, I’m not talking about mental patients (But wouldn’t it be interesting if I was…?), I am referring to the anime/manga company situated here:

Sure, they sell a hell of a lot more than manga and anime, but hey! Back to the story at hand!

Cartoon Network had been flailing around quite badly, with their stagnating selection of cartoons circulating through their late night spot, commonly known as ‘adult swim anime action’. I’ve got to tell you, I was getting pretty sick of watching the first 54 episodes of InuYasha over and over again, followed by Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex repeats.

All of a sudden, about 7 weeks ago, I turned over to channel 713 expecting the usual stale InuYasha episode, and discovered dubbed episodes of Bleach. Shocked, amazed and extremely happy, I continued to watch and found that after Bleach they were airing Trinity Blood which was one of my favourite subbed anime from the previous year, now also in english.

Also, alternating with Bleach (which aired mondays and tuesdays), they were airing Eureka Seven (airing wednesdays and thursdays), which features giant robots, and became an immediate favourite.

Gazing in awe at the television screen, a little scroll unfurled itself, advertising that these new anime were being provided by the grand old folks at Madman! Huzzah!

Trinity Blood actually finished airing 2 weeks ago, and I wasn’t shocked to discover it being repeated immediately from episode 1 again, in a later timeslot.

However, the Madman folks came through again, replacing it with yet another new anime, one I hadn’t actually seen (which is actually kind of hard to find now-a-days, hehehe) called Black Cat, which, for all intents and purposes, is freakin’ awesome!

Of course, Cartoon Network has not abandoned the die hard fans of InuYasha, seeing as they still air it, just at a later time.

Good form Madman!! My faith in you is un-budge-able!

The adult swim airing times, for anyone that’s interested:

Cartoon Network – Channel 713 (Australian Eastern Standard Times)

10:30pm – Bleach (Mon-Tue), Eureka 7 (Wed-Thu)

11:00 – Black Cat (Mon-Thu)

11:30 – Trinity Blood (Mon-Thu)

12:00 – InuYasha (Mon-Thu)

I’m not including Naruto in this list – I have my reasons, and they are all good 🙂

Adult swim website:

Madman website:

What’s new, eh? Eh?! Saturday, Sep 8 2007 

Errrm… Nothing much actually 🙂 hehehe

However, I have updated the random uploads page with a few new chapters of, oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING!! (Well, pretty much, anyway – there’s some new stuff there, check it out!) Here’s the link to the updated directory:

And to the uploads page itself:

I’ve also started to watch my back-log of anime from about the beginning of last season. I’ve finally caught up with Darker Than BLACK, Claymore and Lovely Complex. Now I’m completely behind with the new shows I’ve started watching. Here’s what’s currently got me interested:

Mononoke – The most bizarre art style I’ve ever seen, and stories that have the capability to freak someone like me out! It’s anime horror and classic story-telling at it’s best!

Devil May Cry – Any show with a main character with the name of Dante instantly becomes a favourite. Oh, and there’s demon’s and stuff… it’s good, trust me!

Zombie Loan – Hey, no worries about dying anymore! Just head over to Z-Loan and hire yourself a zombie body! Comes at quite a high price though, and the things you have to do to pay back your debt can get a little… icky.

Baccano! – Okay, only having seen one episode, I’m still not sure what it’s about, but it’s very exciting, what with the explosions and the regenerating limbs and the car/train crashes and what-not! Thumbs up!

And I’m still hanging onto some of the old reliables:

Bleach – Please come out of filler territory!! Please!!

D. Gray-Man – Haven’t watched it since Ep 25, but I’m still collecting it…

Blood+ – Wooh!

That’s enough from me – I’m heading back to bed for more hibernatin’!!