Natsuki Takaya’s other great works (That nobody seems to mention…) Sunday, Jul 1 2007 

‘Natsuki Takaya, hmmm… that name sounds familiar…’

Well so it should, seeing as she’s the fantastic mangaka that created ‘Fruits Basket’ which ended either late last year, or early this year depending on your sources.

But what of her other works? According to Manga Updates she’s done 6 manga’s in total, and only 4 of them have been scanlated into english. Also, in my shopping adventures, the only one I’ve been able to find for sale in english is ‘Fruits Basket’.

Boku ga Utau to Kimi wa Waraukara was published as a series of 5 one-shot stories in 1999. Shoujo Magic was good enough to scanlate it for the general populace, and for this we should pour kudos all over them.

Phantom Dream was a 5 volume manga (unknown publication date) of which only the first 2 chapters of volume 1 are available (Yay, Entropy!)

Tsubasa Wo Motsu Mono was published in 1996, before Fruits Basket, and was complete at 6 volumes. Currently, the first volume and most of the second volume have been made available to us by K2less and Red Butterfly, who rock!

So far, nobody has picked up Hoshi wa Utau or Komogomo which were the last two manga’s on her publication list ( ) even though I’ve seen the raws for Komogomo and it looks pretty damn cool.

‘Why am I posting this?’ You may well ask – here’s why: Fruits Basket is over. But that doesn’t mean we should turn our back’s on Natsuki Takaya, seeing as she’s written loads of other great stuff which just hasn’t made it into english yet. I’m just hoping that someone from some great scanlating team finds this post, sees the manga listed here, and decides to start a scanlation project for Komogomo and Hoshi wa Utau!

Not just for me, of course – but for the entire english reading manga community! 🙂

(This has been a public service announcement on behalf of Natsuki Takaya fans who are desperate for fresh manga since Fruits Basket finished – end transmission!)


Holidays, wooh! Sunday, Jul 1 2007 

The title pretty much says it all – I’m happy to be on holidays, mostly so I can catch up on the 10 weeks worth of anime I’ve downloaded and have been too knackered to watch until now. Actually, I’m still just trying to accept the fact that ‘Death Note’ has finished… *sighs* I’m really looking forward to watching it, even though 5 million other bloggers have already SPOILED THE ENDING FOR EVERYBODY!!!!! (Yeah, yeah, I know – I probably shouldn’t have sought out the spoilers in the first place…) Have a nice monday everybody! 🙂