I was looking through my manga shelf a couple of days ago, thinking ‘Gee, I haven’t bought a copy of Fruits Basket in ages…’ So I got online and headed over to the Madman website (www.madman.com.au) to see when the next release date was.

Fruits Basket Volume 21 doesn’t come out until March 10th next year…

I think my screams of horror could be heard a couple of suburbs away – the last Volume, #20, went on sale on the 11th of October – that’s two months ago, for those of you actually following along 🙂

So why the five month gap? Generally there’s been a month between volumes, and in the beginning they were actually releasing 2 volumes a month, one at the beginning and one near the end.

Then I decided to check out some of the other release dates on stuff I’m interested in.

Vampire Knight (Chuang Yi edition):

Volume 01 and 02 – 10th February 2007

Ouran High Host Club (Chuang Yi edition):

Volume 01 and 02 – 6th December 2006 (me = happy!)

Volume 03 and 04 – 10th February 2007 (me = dealing in my own way…)

Volume 05… – 10th March 2007 (me = seeing a pattern)

Ah ha! So it doesn’t actually look like it’s Madman’s fault after all – it’s the bloody publisher’s fault!

And next year it looks like things are going to be released on (or close to) the 10th of every month – which, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll be dealing with in my own way (download sites are bookmarked and ready to go – I use them as previews before I actually buy the real thing!)

But still, 5 months wait for Vol 21 of Fruits Basket! Why?! Why?!

*goes off depressed and has a little sleep* Ooh, mars bars!