Hatori Bisco: Before ‘Ouran High School Host Club’, there was ‘A Thousand Years of Snow’. Though, during the reading of this manga, you can see where a lot of the ‘Ouran’ Character designs came from! This was a two volume manga with a supernatural basis, focussing on a Vampire named Touya (who looked quite a bit like Kyouya Ootori from ‘Ouran HSHC’), a Werewolf named Satsuki (who looked quite a bit like Tamaki Suou from ‘Ouran HSHC’), and their relationships with a certain girl named Chiyuki (who thankfully didn’t look much like Haruhi Fujioka, or I would have gone out of my mind!).

Chiyuki was born with a weak heart, so weak in fact that she’s not expected live for very long at all. One night while looking out her hospital window, she sees a young man jump from the roof of a neighbouring building – running to his aid, she discovers the surly Touya, who tells her (in no uncertain terms) that he is a vampire, and that he has no time to spend lolly-gagging around with filthy humans. With that, he leaves Chiyuki alone in the snow, leaving nothing but a shoe behind.

He returns the next day to recover his shoe, and berates Chiyuki for not telling him she was a patient. If she’d told him, he would have gone easier on her, apparently, heh.

After meeting a few more times, Chiyuki suddenly has a relapse, and Touya does the only thing within his power to prolong her life, even if only for a little while longer.

So begins Hatori Bisco’s ‘A Thousand Years of Snow’ – I’ve been looking in stores for it, but sadly to no avail as yet – scanlations are available though! Once more, remember to support the industry and buy the artist’s works once they become available!

Rating: This one gets 3.5 ‘Hot Vampire Bitey Scenes’ out of 5, seeing as the ending was, well, non-existent – I was expecting a third volume, but I guess this is all there is! Great story and artwork though! Find it and read it – it’s great! 🙂