Well, I haven’t really seen too many people discussing this one yet, but it’s an absolutely fantastic anime!


Episode 01 – Goodbye Girls

The story is set in New York City, and revolves around 5 girls. One of these 5 died in the first episode, a girl by the name of Lise. The other 4 were all connected to Lise in some way, but not really involved with each other.

Rachel seems to be the party girl of the group, Claire appears to be the rebel, Rose is the sweet innocent girl, and Kate appears to be the poor little rich girl.

None of these girls can remember what they did the night that Lise died – it’s as if their memories have been erased. When they are told in school the next day that Lise is dead, it’s a great shock to all of them. All four of the girls react to the news in different ways, but are in general upset.

This is when the weirdness kicks in: Kate suddenly sees a large cloud of butterflies hovering in the sky, which draw her to a rather dodgy looking area in the city. Rachel also appears there, drawn by the same butterflies, as do Rose and Claire.

As they are pondering why the butterflies appeared, Claire asks if anyone can remember what happened the night before – and confirms that none of them have a memory of that night.

Just then, a mysterious woman and man appear. Giving no reason for this but the sentence ‘We are your teachers…’ The woman reveals a shocking revelation to the girls – ‘Last night – you all died.’

The girls – looking very much alive at this point, and very shocked – can’t comprehend what they’ve just been told. Before that sentence can sink in, however, the woman gives the girls another order.

‘See that man over there… You have to kill him. With your bare hands.’

The approaching figure drops to all fours, and starts charging at the girls, growling and roaring like a maniac, as the girl’s stare at him, terrifed…

Gaaah! I love this story so far – there’ve been 5 episodes released so far, and the storyline just keeps getting better and better. The artwork… hmmm, apart from some of the ‘pinocchio’ noses, it’s quite lovely, and the theme song is pretty twisted – it’s mighty happy for a horror anime! I’m definitely going to keep watching!