Yeah yeah, I know – just get on with it!

Death Note 03:

* L has somehow narrowed down the possiblity of ‘Kira’ being a student (from the times most of the victims died). Light decides to play with the minds of the cops a little more by orchestrating deaths outside of the usual times he’s specified in the past. And so then: while Light is still at school, involved in regular class activities, prisoners and assorted other bad folks are being knocked off via heart-attacks sent by the death note – Light Yagami: one smart bastard!

* We find out that the lead detective on the ‘Kira’ case is none other than Light’s father! This is how Light has been accessing all the police information on the ‘Kira’ case and managing to stay at least one step ahead of the police and L’s investigation. Light Yagami: one smart bastard!

* Somehow, Light manages to turn almost the entire police force against L, the genius who is supposedly on their side. I stand by my early comments on smartness…

* We find out that L has actually involved the FBI, in attempts to find out where the police information is being leaked from.

* Light finds out that an FBI agent has been tailing him as part of this investigation (How Ryuk informs him of this is chuckle-worthy: ‘I’m only telling you this because I’m creeped out’ – LOL @ creeped out death-god! )

* Ryuk explains how humans are different from death-gods: eg. death-gods inherit the remaining life-span of the human’s they write into the death note, while a human using hte death note gets nothing in return

* Ryuk also explains about the death-god’s eyes, and the pact which can be made – a death-god’s eyes can see a human’s name and remaining years just by looking at their face. By making a pact with a death-god, a human can gain this same ability, but lose half of their remaining life-span… ah, decisions, decisions…

Death Note 04:

* Opens in the Shinigami world, with the death-gods all sitting around, wondering where Ryuk is, what he’s doing, etc. Revelation! Apparently, Ryuk has two death notes! Hmmm, interesting…

* Light refuses the death-god eyes deal, saying if it had been a deal on the death-god’s wings he would have been more interested – after all, wouldn’t it be more god-like to rule the world with a lovely set of wings? Light Yagami: one twisted individual!

* Light begin’s experimenting with the death note again – this time, just as to how specific he can be with details of the death, eg. actions beforehand, place, time etc.

* Light leaves a playful message for L using a suicide note he forced one of the inmates to write before his death (‘L, do you know’…)

* Light finds out that the death note has its limits, but will allow people to do reasonable things before they die eg escape from prison, write notes and draw pictures, anything withint their normal capabilities. Ridiculous requests are ignored and death by heart-attacks happen as the default.

* Light puts together a cunning plan to find out the face and name of the FBI agent tailing him

* We meet Ray Penbar, FBI. Who, we find out, does not suspect Light of anything what-so-ever and turns out to be a pretty decent bloke.

* Light, his date, Penbar and Ryuk all get on a bus, which suddenly gets hijacked by a wanted criminal.

* Light manages to see Penbar’s FBI Id badge, with full name and spelling – now he has all he needs to finish him off! Light Yagami: one evil bastard!

* The busjacker picks up a piece of paper Light drops on the floor, and can suddenly see Ryuk lurking in the back shadows of the bus. He shoots all of his bullets into him (ineffective: bullet’s can’t harm death-gods), then flees the bus and dies in a traffic accident on the street almost immediately.

* We find out this is the death that Light planned for the crook, down to the finest details

* ‘Next time it’s your turn, Ray Penbar…’ Aaargh!

I can’t wait… This show just keeps on getting better and better! Long live Death Note, and the subbers for subbing it so well!