First of all, let me just say I’d been hanging out for this to be made into an anime since I started reading the manga.

Second of all… Hmmmm, nah, that’s it!

Death Note is superb – it sticks to the manga storyline flawlessly, the characters were well drawn, the voices seem to be pretty well cast (though I did balk slightly at the fact that the same guy that did ‘Tamaki’ from Ouran was doing ‘Light’) and Ryuk the Shinigami doesn’t look crap.

Episode 01 pretty much covered all of chapter 01 of the manga.

  • Ryuk telling the other Shinigami he’d lost his deathnote down on earth
  • Light finding it, and experimenting with it a couple of times
  • Ryuk flying down to earth to find the book and the human using it
  • Light and Ryuk’s meeting – Ryuk finding out that Light has written pages and pages of criminals names in the book already
  • Light explaining his theory of the utopian society, with him ruling over it
  • Ryuk chuckling evilly and stating that ‘Human’s are… fun.’

Death Note 02 covered chapter 02 of the manga – funny that…

  • Light rigging his hidden drawer so that if anyone finds the death note, it will self destruct in a localised petrol fire
  • The police conference where it is decided that they will be looking for help to solve the ‘Kira’ case from the ever elusive ‘L’
  • ‘L’ asking the police for their assistance, and also telling them he’s getting the FBI involved to help them find ‘Kira’, the man killing off all the criminals
  • The nationwide TV press conference where ‘L’ appears on TV, daring ‘Kira’ to kill him
  • Light takes the bait, and writes the name of the man on the screen in the death note – sure enough he keels over
  • ‘L”s logo appears on the screen, saying the man that just died was not ‘L’ but a prisoner who was to be put to death that day – he also states that the press conference was not nationwide, but broadcast locally so as to narrow down where the suspect is
  • ‘L’ dares ‘Kira’ to try and kill him again – Since Light doesn’t know what ‘L’ looks like, or his real name, this is impossible for him
  • The two men stare into their respective TV screens, and speak the same sentence – ‘I am Justice!’

That about covers both of those – I’ve acquired the third episode, but haven’t watched it yet.

However, I think I have to say that Death Note is definitely one of my favourites for this season!