All righty! *rubs hands together*

*Cheesy salesperson mode – on*

Who likes Vampires? And Cyborgs? And Priests? And Nuns? And Guns?

Well, they’re all here together in Trinity Blood!

*Cheesy salesperson mode – off*

First off, our main characters:

Father Abel Nightroad – A priest from Rome, sent to assist one of the outlying churches in their fight against the evil beings of the night. He appears to be a clumsy, bumbling fool, but this is just a front to hide what he really is…

Sister Esther – The sweet little nun with a vendetta against vampires.

Deitrich – Esther’s offsider: Creepy little german kid, bad to the bone (I know that’s a spoiler, but hey! It’s in the first volume!)

Tres Iqus (Father Tres) – human/cyborg/gunslinger/all of the above – very cool, and cybertronic with his speech eg. ‘Damage report, Father Abel Nightroad!’

Lord Gyula – Stereotypical bad dude eg. good looking, evil, vampire, has a great big missile launcher and is not afraid to use it. All for the sake of his dead wife… *sighs* poor little evil genius…


Set in a post-apocalyptic-ish world, where vampires and humans live in constant battle with each other. Father Abel Nightroad is sent to help fight against the evil Lord Gyula. He joins up with Sister Esther and Dietrich, fellow fighters in the same war. When the chapel is attacked by a vampire, both Esther and Dietrich are incapacitated, leaving only the bumbling Father Nightroad to fend for himself.

But what’s this? Father Nightroad isn’t as much of a bumbler as we thought! Why is the vampire scared of him? And what exactly is a ‘Crusnik’?

The trio narrowly escape the church being blown up, and travel on to Lord Gyula’s castle. Gyula seems to have a weapon of ‘old technology’ as they call it (looks like some kind of nuclear missile launcher, but who am I to ponder!). They fight with Gyula, and eventually find out that maybe he’s not as bad as they all thought he was!

So who is the bad guy behind all of this? Will Nightroad be able to keep his ‘Crusnik’ form secret from Esther? Will Tres speak in anything other than a monotone?

Find the scans for yourself and read on!

Rating: 4 ‘damage reports!’ out of 5! I love all the characters, looking at the manga doesn’t make my brain hurt (eg. the pages aren’t too crowded or busy!) And the storyline is pretty original! No complaints here!

I had to read scanlations of this as I can’t find Trinity Blood in stores yet, but I stand firmly on my ‘Support the writer’s/artist’s by buying the real thing as soon as it becomes available’!

Catherine G