Or, as I like to refer to it, ‘Where, oh where, is my insulin, because I am about to die of a sugar overdose!’

Ok, so I’m a little embittered over my Fushigi Yuugi experience *sighs*. It’s just that this entire anime could have been done so much better!

Well, it wasn’t all bad – I watched the whole thing in the space of a week, that included the two specials, and I think I just overdosed on it. If I’d spread it out a bit more it probably wouldn’t have been as bad, hehehe. So onto the series!

Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

15 year old Miaka Yuuki, along with her best friend Yui Hongo, gets sucked into a book named ‘The Universe of the four Gods’. They both end up in a strange land, oddly reminiscent of ancient China (well, not ancient, but old time-ish). Due to a series of unfortunate events, the girls end up bitter enemies, and each are recognised as the fabled priestesses called upon by two of the four country’s God’s: Miaka as the priestess of Suzaku and Yui as the priestess of Seiryu.

Most of the series covers the race to call up the two gods, and to gather the trinkets and allies needed to do so, but there was a lot of focus on the love triangle between Miaka, Yui and the boy they both seemed to fall for, Tamahome. *Yawns*

The series could have fared a lot better without Miaka’s childish whining, too.

Fushigi Yuugi: Oni Special

Now THIS was slightly better! Both Miaka and Yui are older, and the story line was slightly darker!

At the end of the first series, Yui called forth Seiryu, and was engulfed and nearly died in the process, hence… Miaka and Suzaku to the rescue! Tamahome was sent back to ancient China, but he apparently managed to make it somehow into the the present to be with Miaka *sighs*.

They go to visit the graves of the previous two priestesses, Suzano the priestess of… um… something, and Takiko the priestess of Genbu. (Memory lapse, sorry!)

Suddenly, Tamahome is sucked back into the universe of the four gods, Miaka closely following him.

Oddly enough, a lot of the original Fushigi Yuugi storyline is re-hashed, even though most of the original characters died in the first story arc (they came back as ghosts!) but in a more adult fashion.

Many fight scenes and love declarations later, Miaka and Tamahome are separated once again, both to their separate worlds, only (oddly enough) to be re-united again somehow in Miaka’s modern times Japan!

By this point, I’m getting the distinct impression that Yuu Watase (the author of the manga) really wants these two characters to be together – then again, I could be wrong!

Fushigi Yuugi: Eikoden Special

Anyone call for more of the same? You bet they did! At least this special was only four episodes long. So, at long last we arrive at the point when Miaka and Taka (Tamahome’s modern equivalent’s name) have gotten married and are expecting a baby. Happiness ensues, right? Wrong-o!

Enter one of Taka’s students (he’s a sport’s coach). This student is madly in love with him, and can’t stand to see him experiencing happiness with another woman. Somehow she stumbles upon the ‘Universe of the Four God’s’ novel, and tries to become the new Priestess of Suzaku, to try and erase Miaka’s existence altogether.

Admittedly the premise was good, but still way too much sugar.

The series could have been a lot better – if it had concentrated more on the quest to call for Suzaku and Seiryu then the love triangles and petty tiffs, it would have been excellent! Or maybe I’m just too jaded – Give me ‘Juuni Kokki’ (The Twelve Kingdoms) any day!

So anyway, rating… Err… 2 “Chibi ChiChiri’s” out of 5 – could have been better, but worth a glance if there’s nothing else on!

Catherine G