Slow week… Wednesday, Sep 27 2006 

Yeah, well… as above! However, holidays are coming up once more (Yay!). Trinity Blood, Saiunkoku Monogatari and Angelic Layer have been added to the Manga collection, Episodes 1,2 and 4-14 of Saiunkoku Monogatari have been added to the Anime collection, and some recently watched anime films (X, Vampire Hunter D, etc) will be reviewed in due time!

Meanwhile, amuse yourselves with these fanfics that “someone” never got around to finishing! (holidays, holidays)

Catherine G


Vampire Knight Manga: How to get it! Sunday, Sep 17 2006 

The VK Website and forum are back! Huzzah! Here’s the link to the website, the forum is accessible from there – enjoy :

Please refer to the links below for downloads (not affiliated with the VK site)

A big ‘thank you’ should be sent out to all the staff that have worked hard to bring us our vampire knight and assorted other manga needs! Keep up the good work, champs!