This one goes out to all the people, and websites, that provided me with all my manga, translated novels and anime! I’m not posting the actual websites though – If you’re bright enough, you’ll be able to find everything for yourselves!

Thanks to:

  • MangaMadness
  • Boku-Tachi
  • StopTazmo
  • StormInHeaven
  • VampireKnights
  • AquaStar
  • MakiMaki
  • ShadowDreams
  • BakaUpdates
  • Otyaku
  • EugeneWoodbury
  • ShojouMagic
  • SeleneScans

And many more I’m sure! Also:

  • Border’s Bookstores
  • Electronics Boutique and
  • Ebay Australia

Where I have found an amazing amount of new and used manga!

Thanks all! To quote Tina Turner, you’re ‘Simply the Best’!

Damn that was sad… heh 🙂

Catherine G