Quite obviously, the manga of the day is: Vampire Knight! I can’t even remember how I found this one, it seems like I’ve been online all day… Suddenly I found myself obsessing over one title that I found that sounded kind of nifty. So, onto Vampire Knight!

Synopsis: Um, seeing as I’ve only read three chapters of the first volume I’ll tell you what I know so far…

Yuuki is a 15-16 year old girl, seemingly a regular student at a rather prestigious looking school. We are told from the beginning though that there is something different about this school. There is, apparently, a day shift of students and a night shift of students. The night shift of students are all eerily good looking… And have certain cravings that the day students know nothing about. This is where Yuuki and her ‘brother’ Zero come in – they are what is referred to as the “Guardians”, the two students set up to ‘protect’ the night shift from the prying eyes of the day shift students. Decked out with their weaponry they patrol the school grounds at night, keeping the day students and the night students separated.

Yuuki seems to have a crush on one of the night shift students, a handsome boy by the name of Kaname. Kaname, incidentally, rescued Yuuki from a vampire attack when she was five years old. Yuuki has no memory of her life before the vampire attack, and I think they’re going to explore that angle a bit later on in the series.

Zero, also a survivor of a vampire attack, starts to exhibit strange behaviours, and seems to have a growing interest in Yuuki’s neck…

What will happen? Can a Vampire and a Human being carry on a ‘normal’ relationship? Will Zero be able to continue as a day shift student? Will Yuuki and Zero ever be able to stay awake during classes after patrolling all night?

 Rating: 4 ‘fang marks’ out of 5 – I’m all intrigued and, to quote ‘Interview with the Vampire’, I desperately “want some more…”. The artwork is pretty neat, there is an abundance of ‘bishie’ boys, and the school uniforms aren’t stereotypically tight-and-short as they are in so many school manga – I’m definitely going on the search for more Vampire Knight!

I read the scanlations of this online, so if you look around you should be able to find them – and, of course, buy the manga from stores and support the industry! If you don’t, evil trolls will steal your socks while you sleep!

Catherine G